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Making the Invisible Visible - ROMA Social Impact Campaign

In partnership with the non-profits the National Domestic Workers Alliance and CACEH, Participant Media launched a social impact campaign in the U.S. and Mexico running from August 2018 – March 2019, aimed at creating a cultural conversation which placed domestic workers at the center of the ROMA narrative, highlighting both their humanity, value and dignity as well as the solutions to improve their working conditions.

Non-profit partner microsite

The National Domestic Workers Alliance “ROMA” Microsite

Social impact Press Highlights

  1. New York Times

    Mexico’s Congress Votes to Expand Domestic Workers’ Labor Rights

  2. Reuters

    How ROMA’s success is helping change the rights of domestic workers

  3. Associated Press

    After ruling, hit film, Mexico reconsiders domestic workers

  4. Diario de Mexico

    Thanks to ‘ROMA’ the Mexican President commits to ratify the convention on domestic workers

    After the impact of “ROMA”, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador committed to ratifying the ILO’s convention 189 on domestic workers.

  5. World Economic Forum

    How Alfonso Cuarón’s movie is spurring Mexico to treat domestic workers more fairly

  6. LA Times

    Like the star of ‘ROMA’, she worked in homes for decades. Now she's fighting for domestic workers

  7. New York Times Video Op-Ed

    What America Can Learn From ‘ROMA’

    We’ve been excluded from basic labor protections for too long. This is our moment.

  8. US News

    Visibility for Mexico's Domestic Workers

    The Oscar-winning film ‘ROMA’ raises national awareness of the plight of workers vulnerable to abuse.

  9. Yahoo News

    Yahoo explores the impact of ‘ROMA’ on real-life domestic workers.


  1. Socorro Flores, Ambassador of Mexico to the United Nations in Geneva, speech about the ROMA Effect

  2. United States Senator, Kamala Harris, speech at Congressional ROMA screening

  3. United States Congresswoman Jayapal speech at ROMA domestic worker screening

  4. ROMA Public Service Announcement for the National Domestic Workers Alliance

  5. ROMA Public Service Announcement for CACEH

  6. The National Domestic Workers Alliance video about ROMA

Social Media

Photos from Social Impact Events

  1. Domestic Workers Holding Oscar at Academy Awards Party

  2. Mexican Senator & Marcelina Bautista (CACEH) ROMA Senate Event

  3. Mexican Senators & Marcelina Bautista (CACEH) ROMA Senate Event